Essencient NLP is priced on a transaction subscription basis that provides up to an agreed amount of text processing transactions per month. Charges are billed monthly so the transaction volumes can be flexed up and down to suit your requirements. You only pay for the amount of data transactions you have bought, however don’t worry as there is a monthly overage allowance that provides flexibility which means the system doesn’t just stop because you have run over your transaction subscription amount. It will warn you once you have breached  your limit so you can top up the amount of transactions you have or stop, as you prefer. Be aware however  the overage allowance is provided on a fair usage policy which means if you use one month it will not be available again for a set period of time unless you subscribe for a greater number of transactions for the next month.

Our charges are competitive with other NLP providers but unlike them we will tailor the monthly base charge and top up charges to each customers requirements to ensure everyone gets awesome value for money, so let us know what you want to do and we will do you a deal.

Rest assured with Essencient you will never pay more than you are expecting….we hate that too!