Essencient’s awesome NLP identifies a range of linguistic signals that when combined  with each other and other structured data, can automatically detect brand damaging or fraudulent messages.

Brand Protection

Essencient’s unique capability of identifying when someone is giving or seeking guidance when combined with negative attitude, is often a strong indicator that something with damaging meaning may be being said about a brand or topic.

“MegaWindows is rubbish and we really don’t care about you”

Brand Protection Signals2

Fraud/Financial Crime/Non-Compliant Behaviour Detection

The unique ability of the technology to detect when guidance is being sought or given can indicate criminal behaviour even if the language is disguised. Essencient looks at the way words are used to give meaning to a text and this data when used in conjunction with existing structured data such as known recorded behaviours,  can be used to identify trends that may indicate improper acts.

“I was wondering if you guys could hike up the 6 mth Libor in JPY by 1bp.

…it will help our position tremendously”

Use of Essencient to Detect possible financial crime